• Viola flowers growing in pots

    Edible Flowers for the Indoor Garden

    Indoor growing is a must for urban gardeners in cold climate areas. The fresh produce looks great and tastes even better. Why not expand the offerings to include edible and […]

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  • Red Giant Mustard

    Indoor Growing: Microgreens

    One of the things I am likely to say in a discussion on indoor growing is how little space it takes to grow your own salad greens. All types of […]

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  • Perennial garden

    Winter in the Bayless Garden

    Snowfall can be a big benefit in an urban garden. Perennials, trees and shrubs really stand out with a backdrop of white powder. Plants also can benefit from the wind […]

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  • Planter boxes with perennial Junipers, Golden Oregano and Purple Tradescantia

    Using Perennials in Containers

    Want to have eye-catching containers that are unique, colorful and cost-effective? Consider incorporating hardy perennials into your container designs. Hardy perennials are plants that come back year after year in […]

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  • Display of Herbs and Asian Vegetables

    9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 2)

    This is the second part of a two part series. See 9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 1). 6. Develop a year-round growing plan Year round food production in […]

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