9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 1)

Cucumbers on metal trellis

The successful small space garden is a complete system designed for production and much more.

1. Make the garden multifunctional

Production can mean edible crops but also much more. Other activities that naturally coordinate with food production include, making compost, propagating plants, growing cutting flowers, creating an outdoor living/entertaining space.

2. Heavily rely on succession planting
Maximize garden productivity through use of quick maturing crops planted in succession for a steady supply. Learn to use seedlings where appropriate to achieve even faster crop rotations. Make it your goal to never leave valuable bed space unplanted.

3. Take full advantage of garden microclimates
Learn about, study and enhance the unique microclimates in and around your growing site. Site plantings in areas of the garden where there have the best chance of thriving. Learn how to set up a protected cropping system.

4. Design for most efficient use of space
Learn how to make garden base maps that are to scale. Use these base maps to design your garden and crop plan on paper before taking shovel to soil.

5. Master and use container growing to increase productivity
Container gardens can greatly increase your available growing space as well as provide visual interest, season extension and greater space efficiency.

Continued in 9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 2)