Edible Flowers for the Indoor Garden

Viola flowers growing in pots

Indoor growing is a must for urban gardeners in cold climate areas. The fresh produce looks great and tastes even better. Why not expand the offerings to include edible and attractive indoor flowers?

Many types of edible flowers do well in the container environment, making them perfect for the indoor garden. Don’t worry though, a greenhouse is not required. Just a reasonably warm space with good lighting is all that is required.  Standard T-8 fluorescent fixture work great.

Here are a few favorites:

Oxalis "Purple Shamrock" in a potOxalis (Oxalis spp.) leaves are prized by chefs for their citrus flavor. Oxalis is attractive, easy to grow and produce edible citrus flavored blooms as a bonus. There are many different plant types and colors to choose from. Keep in mind that the oxalis is also a common greenhouse and garden weed. This one is edible as well!

Viola blooms in potsViolas (Viola spp.) are fun to grow from seed and produce surprisingly well in 6” diameter plastic or terra cotta pots. They require bright light, but being a cold season plant, they do not mind cooler temperatures. Just give them a little light fertilization and let the soil surface dry out between watering and prepare for an abundance of eye-catching, colorful blooms.

WIld arugula shoots with edible buds and flowersWild Arugula, otherwise known as “Sylvetta” (Diplotaxis tenuifolia) is salad green loved by chefs. It also produces abundant edible blooms. As a bonus the unopened flower buds are also edible, with a crunch and flavor similar to its cousin, Broccoli Raab (Brassica rapa var. ruvo).