About Shores Garden Consulting

Urban Edible is dedicated to increasing the productivity, efficiency and beauty of small space urban gardens and grow spaces through training, teaching and consulting. All of our projects are based on a foundation of over 20 years of hands-on growing experience and academic training in Botany, Soil Science, Horticulture, Landscape Design and Organic Agriculture.

Current Educational Projects:

• Working gardens that produce high quality, organically grown food year-round for both home and restaurants use.
• Hands-on training programs for aspiring professional urban gardeners.
• Presentations on the skills, tools and techniques for successful urban/edible gardens.
• Training for Chefs and Growers interested in Chef-Grower Collaborations.
• Written training materials and Urban Edible blog.
• Consultations for residential or restaurant gardens.


About Bill

New Bio PicBill Shores has been professionally involved in small-scale, intensive gardening and food production since 1993. Bill specializes in space-efficient gardening systems suited to the urban/suburban environment including container gardens, indoor gardens, raised beds, rooftop gardens, and intensively planted small space, in-ground gardens, all of which utilize season extension, composting and plant propagation techniques.

Bill manages several urban residential spaces that function both as high yield food gardens and as lushly planted outdoor living and entertaining spaces.

See a summary of Bill’s Projects.