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9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 2)

Display of Herbs and Asian Vegetables

This is the second part of a two part series. See 9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 1).

6. Develop a year-round growing plan
Year round food production in northern climates does not need to be complicated or expensive. Learn to use simple season extension techniques such as row covers and cold tolerant crops to extend the outdoor garden season. Setup and use a simple indoor light garden to produce seedlings and/or indoor greens and herbs. Read more

9 Features of High Yield Gardens (Part 1)

Cucumbers on metal trellis

The successful small space garden is a complete system designed for production and much more.

1. Make the garden multifunctional

Production can mean edible crops but also much more. Other activities that naturally coordinate with food production include, making compost, propagating plants, growing cutting flowers, creating an outdoor living/entertaining space. Read more