Chef-Grower Consult

Chef Consultation Description

The consultation is a site visit and meeting with the chef, owner, or manager focused on ways to bring food production or edible/ornamental gardening into the restaurant or food business. Areas to cover would depend on if the establishment currently has onsite food production.

For New Restaurants and Those That Do Not Have Onsite Food Production:

• Explore goals and options for onsite food production
• Evaluate potential growing spaces
• Discuss types of crops that would be appropriate to grow and potential yields per week
• Look at staffing and/or training needs

For Restaurants That Currently Do Have Onsite Food Production:
• Look at current food production systems and what is/is not working
• Go over food production goals compared to current yields
• Explore ways to increase yields from existing growing systems
• Evaluate potential new growing spaces for the restaurant and potential uses of those spaces

Initial Consultation Specifics:
• The consultation is done on site and lasts one hour
• Prior to the consult the chef/client is asked to send a brief summary of their goals
• After the consultation the chef/client will receive a consultation summary and proposal

To Set Up Your Consult:

Please email Bill at to schedule your consult today.