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Initial Consultation Overview:
The initial consultation is a site visit and meeting with the client for the purpose of evaluating the growing space and any current garden uses of the space, identifying client’s ideas and goals for the garden space and coming up with a list of action steps to make those ideas and goals a reality.


How the Consultation May Be Used:
• Use as a onetime consultation where the client comes away with the information resources needed to move forward on their own.
• Use to develop a plan concept to carry out one or more specific projects.
• Alternately, other clients choose to have ongoing consultation services, seeking help with items such as garden planning, increasing productivity, making ongoing improvements or choosing appropriate materials for the garden.


Initial Consultation Specifics:
• The consultation is done on site and lasts one hour.
• Prior to the consult clients are asked to send a brief summary of their goals and specific needs.
• At the meeting the focus will be on analyzing the garden space, assessing current uses of the space and client’s goals for the space. Examples include: enhancement and better use of growing space, improved aesthetics, adding new systems such as composting, drip irrigation, season extension, and indoor growing to name just a few.
• During the meeting client will be given suggested resources for information, products and services to assist with their gardening goals.


Consult Summary Report:
After the site visit client will receive a summary report. The purpose of the report is to give the client a concise overview of the meeting, their goals and Bill’s recommendations on specific steps to take to move forward on making their goals a reality.


Specific Topics That May Be Covered in the Report:

  • List of specific goals for the site
  • Recommendations for prioritizing activities to achieve those goals
  • Summary of garden areas/microclimates and possible uses for those sites
  • Ideas for creating multifunctional garden features
  • Suggestions for working with existing light conditions in the space
  • Local and online sources for products, services and information
  • Basic information on specific plants and suitability
  • Areas where I can provide more detailed assistance and training


To Set Up Your Consult Today

Please contact Bill at bill@urbanedible.net and we will get your consult scheduled.