Presentation Summary

Bill brings his 20 years of academic training, teaching and hands-on growing experience to audiences of all types through his engaging and informative presentations. Bill’s audiences include college students, professional and aspiring growers, adult learners, garden clubs, professional architects, engineers, chefs, and many others with an interest in bringing organic food production into urban environments.

Bill’s presentations are informative and engaging with plenty of photos and descriptions of working urban gardens. Bill speaks on a variety of topics pertaining to his area of expertise, small-space organically managed edible/ornamental gardens.

To learn more about each talk, see the descriptions of Bill’s most popular presentations.

Bill’s presentations and training topics include:

  • Urban Chef Gardens
  • Designing Edible-Ornamental Small Space Gardens
  • Growing Indoor Salad Greens, Herbs and Microgreens
  • Urban Composting and Building Healthy Soils
  • Container and Deck and Rooftop Edible Gardens
  • Succession Planting and Intensive Gardening Techniques
  • Year Round Gardens for Northern Climates