Presentation Descriptions

Urban Chef Gardens

Workers in an urban production gardenJoin Bill Shores, professional grower with over 17 years of experience working with chefs, for a slide show and discussion of several projects in which chefs and growers collaborate to create highly productive urban gardens dedicated to growing food for restaurants. Topics include small space production gardens, making the garden a revenue source, year-round food production, staffing, crop selection, planting schedules and more.


Designing Edible-Ornamental Small Space Gardens

Ornamental-edible urban front yard  IMGP0651Enjoy a slide show and discussion of unique and beautiful spaces devoted to producing food for both homes and restaurants. Participants will learn how urban residential spaces can be transformed into highly productive organic gardens that also serve as outdoor living and entertaining spaces. Other topics we will touch on include microclimates, season extension, container gardening, indoor growing, composting, and edible landscaping.


Urban Composting and Building Healthy Soils

Mature sifted compost in a wheelbarrow IMGP3426You do not need a large space to produce all your own compost! We will begin with an overview of the basics of composting then go on to discuss how composting systems can fit neatly and attractively into small urban landscapes or even indoors. Participants will see examples of container composting systems, passive composting techniques, and the types of materials that can be composted efficiently in small spaces. We will also discuss the uses of composting redworms for highly productive indoor or outdoor composting as well as recycling and rejuvenating container soils.


Growing Indoor Salad Greens, Herbs and Microgreens

Harvesting Lettuce from a grow box   20140305_142828Small indoor spaces can be transformed into surprisingly productive grow spaces. Join Bill as he goes through the tools and techniques needed to set up and maintain a simple light garden to produce a bounty of microgreens, salad and cooking greens and herbs. Participants will be able to see examples of indoor crops and a demonstration of various planting techniques.



Container and Deck and Rooftop Edible Gardens

Worker on a rooftop deck garden  20141002_131517Decks, patios and above ground spaces are often the best growing areas in the urban landscape. Learn how container gardens can add growing space and visual interest¬†and are also¬†a great way to extend the growing season. Through photos and discussion we will go through the “how to” aspects of container growing including design, choosing the appropriate size and type of container, growing media, crop selection, planting and maintenance.


Year Round Gardens for Northern Climates

Vegetable garden with row covers, cold frame and hoophouse IMGP3569Year round growing in cold climates does not need to be complicated. We will discuss the use of simple season extension tools including row covers, cold frames, and hoop houses as well as season extension techniques such as soil warming, using seedlings and overwintering strategies. Participants will also get an overview of surprisingly cold-tolerant salad greens and herbs useful for early spring and late fall production. Indoor gardening systems to produce both edible crops and seedlings will also be briefly discussed.